FUGME. I wanted to order everything off the menu last Saturday but only had 2 stomachs to feed. There’s 1 thing I’ve never tried (and probably never will): the SALTY TOFU FLOWER. dude, that just looks digustingly (good?).

Other unmentioned kickarse items: the veggie/pork buns, uber cheap at $1.20, the sliced beef in shao bing – possibly the best version on side side of the Pacific. The freshly made brown mi jiang (rice juice? how do you translate this? definitely NOT rice porridge) which is getting harder and harder to find, even in the SGV.

And of course, the fresh soymilk. I’ll contend this is better soymilk than that OTHER place on Valley Blvd…

May the LA County Healthy Department NEVER shut this down. (Girlfriend said: “you know they barely clean this place just above “C” so they can stay open”. Yes dear, no kidding. Who cares??)

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