Chef La La lied. Korean & Indonesian ain’t “All Asian”. That’s just 2 friggin’ countries! Ugh!

While I give mad props to Jeff M for hooking us up with entrance badges, I must slam against everything this show stands for: an attempt to appease the masses’ lame palate by importing pre-fabbed ready-to-eat foods from foreign countries with lower cost of production and raw material. Foul, totally foul. Altho… the instant cheese-wiz dispenser is tres chic and highly desirable for the nachos-chompin’ types.

The only thing natural at the show were my fiance’s boobs.

Cucapa Honey Pale Ale was excellent.

The fun free-for-all booze reception was marred by politically driven (every other sentence contained “Villaraigosa” – I know he’s cool enough to dine & to be seen @ Beso but.. who cares) awards and showcases. Will not be back tho we “discovered” some new Mexican honey pale ale that’d go well with bulgogi tacos.

Show Website:


October 13-14

Los Angeles Convention Center

O man... sukarne? seriously?



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