Elsewhere I have railed against utilizing what I’d like to call the “mom factor” in culinary arguments, ie, my mom makes the best “***”, “for the best tamales, come to my mom’s house”, “I don’t eat at pho restaurants because I only like my mom’s”, etc.

Herewith, I shall discuss an institution that is the only exception to my “mom” rule: Mom’s Burger in Compton.

At Mom’s, you are tasting mom’s burgers. Mom’s the owner and Mom’s family has been operating this joint here before many of you were born. I can safely say, if you want the best ghetto burger in all of LA (and as most of you know, I never use the “B” word), come to Mom’s. Why? Is it because it’s better than The Master Burger, better than The Stand, Three Bears, B&R, Art’s Art of Burger, Yanakis and Big Burger?

No. It’s because Mom’s burgers got soul. How do I know? It’s in the name, stupid! “Soul cheese burger”. But wait, it gets better. What makes it soulful? It’s not the old school R&B music blaring in and out of the kitchen (shack), not the popular strawberry drink, not the clientele with their ‘95 Suburban on double dubs, not even the chess set on the picnic tables. It’s the grilled egg. Grilled eggs give burgers soul. Hear that.

And the Chronic burger? Soul with bacon. Hells yes I love this place. The burgers are perfectly constructed within the confines of Wonder Bread buns, contain 1/4 to 1/3 lb hand formed patties pressed daily, seasoned with cracklin’ fresh black pepper. And if you got soul, the whole schbang will be topped with a mini egg & cheese omelette. The beef’s always wonderfully charred, not too dry, not too juicy, not too fatty and best of all, Mom’s does not rely on trickery or schtick: no quad super sized patties, no hot links or other shenanigans topping the perfect standard.

So(ul)-powerfully Soul-tastic and only in Compton.

Nota Bene: always remember to call in your burger first. No, not because I’m worried about your safety in Compton; I’m not like the other bloggers. It just takes a bit that’s all. And I know how y’all hate to wait.

Mom’s Burger
336 W Alondra Blvd
Compton, CA 90220

T: (310) 632-6622

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