via my Yelp Inbox regarding an opening weekend review of The Corner, an uppity diner which replaced Doughoys, a previously popular Hollywood breakfast joint

I agree that The Corner isn’t all that good, but that you walked over to Ammo and thought it so good and delightful after your whole diatribe of foods and how they should be, and it put you into perspective.

Ammo [read LA Time’s glowing review here – tc] is 4x as expensive as Denny’s and the attitude and bad service makes the whole experience even more horrible. That has been my experience there the couple of times business associates forced me over there to try it out, and the opinion that they all came away with after trying it.

But since they serve such small amounts of food, it is harder for them to screw it up as it is just a micro cooking accomplishment.

Take care my friend.

my response:

Sincerely appreciate your comment, it shows there is still a captive audience on Yelp. However, as soon as you sported “Denny’s” as a target of comparison vs. Ammo, I had to dismiss your message and ensuing argument/discussion. I don’t do chained restaurants. Denny’s represents all that is wrong with American cuisine today.

For a further treatise on the current state of eating in the US, digest Pollman’s NYT article here:… (For a condensed summary, read Rulman’s blog entry re: Pollman’s article here:… )

I’m sure Julia Wolfson, exec chef of Ammo, a lovely brunch spot, IMO, who pickles her own veggies, would totally throw her paring knife at your if she read your message comparing her organic farm-to-table cuisine to, of all things, Denny’s? Pardon my ire, but to suggest smaller amount of GOOD food as “harder … to screw.. up”, is bordering on ludicrous.

The Corner couldn’t even cook a proper egg + links. (see flummoxed eggs here). That combo itself was $10. Ammo’s brunch items were approx $2-3 more. I experienced none of the bad service during the brunches I’ve taken at Ammo, can’t say for other time periods. And really, the way to circumvent any prissy Hollywood non-stars is to work closely with Latino bussers. They always filled our water, brought bread and promptly served us. Poor service doesn’t faze me, disgusting food pisses me off.

Personally, Denny’s was used as a simile to demonstrate how PISS POOR The Corner was. The Corner isn’t just pathetic, it’s pathetically expensive.

BTW, if you’d like to see the previous discussion on excellent food vs. deplorable service in action, I’d like to invite you to a group dinner, this Thursday, 7:30pm, @ Lake Spring in Monterey Park. We will be doing 8-10 dishes, all family style, including pork hock 2 ways:…

1155 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038

(323) 871-2666

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