On a recommendation by my co-worker (thank you Chieko-san!) from an entirely Japanese office, I chose Miura for omakase over Kanpachi/Sen Nari/Kamiyama for night of sushi bliss before the beginning of a painful Labor Day weekend without the girlie. Recently had Sushi Bei/Tsukiji/Sushi Ken in the Southbay, wanted more variety/depth, and Miura delivered.

Strangely enough, the omakase menu (ala Tama) is pre-set. $60 for the full sashimi/cooked menu, $40 for the sashimi/sushi menu only. No blue crab roll to be found. Nearly crunchy young yellowtail was a bit shocking to my senses but a nice deviation from everyday offerings. Ocha steamed squid was soft and a nice opposition to the giant clams.The scallops as well as the Spanish mackerel tasted just about perfect.

Watching the knarly ebi being shelled alive right out of a tank beneath the bar made all of our day. (Shrimp head served 2 ways, fried or in miso soup just like Sushi Gen.. but fresher) The fluffy chawan mushi egg custard was better than anything I can whip out at home while the mushy/slimey seaweed app smelled of wonderful yuzu. Ryo-san advised his rice is brown-ish due to use of dark vinegar and brown sugar. “Traditional” he says.

Bottom line: 2.5 hours of omakase happiness interjected with pleasant conversation with a neighboring frequent solo diner (hi “JC”, great talkin’ to ya, hope you enjoyed the mochi ice cream). $60 isn’t typical of Southbay prices, but it is definitely a cut above Kanpachi, my current budget sushi haunt.

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