Law's Cider Mill, courtesy of Holly T 

Grub log 10/26/08:

I served as an unwilling driver to Los Rios Rancho orchards. It’s already late in the apple picking season and I hear the ranchers (o how I love saying that word as an City-raised Angeleno) talk of the final weekend by Nov 1st.

The 2 golden retrievers we “share” with the future in-Laws were going ape-shit romping around the orchards amongst all the fallen apples. They, unlike Eve, didn’t need any prodding upon arrival and ate their share of the $10 entrance fee.

Only the Washington red delicious (not one of my faves) were available for “U-pick”, but eaten off the vine, it’s a relatively expensive delectable experience.

Cost breakdown:
150 mile r/t: $23 in gas
entrance: $10 (includes a bag to hold your apples, enough to hold about 2 lbs)
apple picker: $10 refundable – you do need it, but please wield it with caution. so many apples were on the

Other items of note:

If you want cider, get it from Law’s Cider Stand, the half gallon jug, at $7, is ~$2 cheaper than elsewhere. Not that $7 for a half gallon of AJ is cheap but… hey, it’s unpasteurized, unsweetened and unfiltered. How does it really taste tho? It’s really friggin sweet. I mean, really, REALLY sweet. Not Splenda like, but raw sugarcane juice-esque. Best served extremely chilled and only ingested as small swigs.

If you actually enjoy the apples, but can’t bear to see all the poor babies being trodden on the orchard grounds, please rescue (ie, buy) “C” grade apples for cheap from the various fruit stands and use ’em for baking/cooking.




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