“Go Soot or go home”:

Gyenari thinks it’s SOOOO HIP, SOOOOO COOL, but R2S has Gyenari covered, and then some. Want industrial chic? Ktown in municipal Los Angeles vs. West Side strip mall. Winner: Ktown. Want NYC loftiness? R2S has 20′ high ceilings with exposed ducts and cement walls. Gyenari was under construction for months trying to get its faux-urban look right: http://la.eater.com/archives/2008/08/20/eater_inside_gyenari.php?o=2 . . Want imported Korean charcoal? Winner: Ktown. Cuz no one who eats at Gyenari can even spell “soot bul jip”.

And now, for the keyword yelpers LOOOOVE so much: AYCE KBBQ. $17. First month, 10% off. Get in your car! Now!

Onto the “How’s the food” segment:
It is so difficult to slam a place for giving you so much joy. The (Korean) Olympics were on plasma (winning), Kanye was on the horn, the waiter smothered us with care and gaiety, there was imported Korean soot burning softly (a bit too softly) on the grill and AYCE meat. We sat, chillaxed, and grubbed for almost 2 hours… Without even partaking in soju drunkenness! But nothing tasted good. This was 8 oz. burger all over again. Fun times + mediocre food = great AYCE BBQ

Opened late July.

Road To Seoul

Los Angeles, CA, 90006



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  • looks freaking delish. good posts!

  • looks freaking delish. good posts!

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