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“Friday’s … b&r’s eating competition. i gotta cheer some ppl on in the contest. wanna burger?”

October 24th, Friday. Call resto shack for further info.

hey man, I’m always down for a burger but.. GROSS!!! B&R has no flavor, I don’t care if Alton Brown put their ass on FoodTV. I couldn’t finish the 1/2 pounder (with an egg, of course) tho I’d nary a breakfast. In fact, I’d sacked the remaining 1/4 lb thinking I’d give it to the dogs. Upon returning home I figured the left overs weren’t even good enough for the dogs, so I threw the doggy bag into the freezer. WTF did I do that? No clue. The reason why I’d never visit B&R’s agains is the same reason why I never bothered visiting Hawkin’s, once called “The. Most. Ridiculous. Burger. Ever.”: it’s not about the size.

B&R Old Fashion Burger

T: 310.679.4774

photo courtesy of B&R (thanks for letting me rip on you, & ripping off your pix):
gross. crappy beef, zilch seasoning. Think MCD's cheeseburger x 10.



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  • margaret

    lol, that’s my comment! oh tony, i know you don’t do hood burgers, that’s why i had to put that out there. haha…

  • TonyC

    * hi5 Margie *

    and note to all: I do ghetto burgs:

    1 of these days, there will be an epic LA ghetto burger comparo from E. SGV to Compton…

  • hilarious post!
    I especially liked this part:
    (thanks for letting me rip on you, & ripping off your pix)

  • thanks for the information, i will keep an eye open for your updates.

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