Read it and weep.

Eater LA mentioned the lines at Canter weren’t long during lunch so I figured it’d be ok to take a chance. Basically, in what I’d like to call the “8000 point DJIA era”, cheap, GOOD, celebratory (commemorating their 60th Anniversary) food is what we all need to brighten our day.

What makes my night extra special? 2 dessert courses replete with a pitch black shot of espresso to accompany the FREEEE! rugala from Canter’s, finished up with some uber creamy gelato from Al Gelato. This, folks, is how I like to spend every Tuesday.

No Need For Address. You know where it is.

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  • NICE updates! dude how did u get that digg button all up in there?

  • Nice — too bad I was holed up in the OC after work and couldn’t make it. Did you get a chance to try the Cube $1 sparklies last night?

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