A year ago I ranted about a horrendous meal at Commes Ca (no man, I ain’t gonna do the fancy A “C”, m’kay?). Since then, a buddy has raved about brunch several times, and another ex-Angeleno asked me to savor the awesome-looking brioche French toast on behalf of her sorry Bay-Area-living ass. On top of that, it was made known to me The CA burger was available at a slight discount (sans fries) during brunch service.

Damnit, off I went. Damnit, it still sucked. Still scramped, still loud, still haphazard service (yes, I had a friggin ressie). And that burger? Just disgusting looking. Dripping wet onions with shards of iceberg lettuce. Yo Mr. Myers, if I want limp lettuce, I’ll goto Mickey Dees, m’kay? You know those Carl’s Jr. $6 burger?

This one tastes worse. Not that I know what a $6 Carl’s Jr. burger tastes like… really.

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