Are you shitting me? An even “better” (according to the future-FIL) version of sul lung tang? Didn’t Homer Simpson say: “DOH!!! You can’t polish a turd”?

The thing that gets me: pho resto’s can turn out perfectly aromatic and complex beef (noodle) soups for $5, but at Korean joints, it’s 2x. Without that small bunch of rice noodles!!! Are the K-joints brewing this stuff in a gold pot? And serving it on silver trays? WTF am I missing here? But that’s not all folks, unlike “KBBQ” resto’s where you THINK you’re gonna get a complete meal ‘cuz of the plethora of  panchans, you get 2 here. Count ’em: ee, II, TWO. Because that’s really “special” kimchi you’re getting to go w/ the sul gom tang, which, from what I observed, is just sul lung tang with bigger chunks of beef.

If it tastes like dishwater soup, smells like dishwater soup, looks like dishwater soup, it’s DISHWATER SOUP.

Seoul Gomtang

301 S. Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90020

(213) 389-1112



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