Kurobuta pork is the sexiest white meat. Ducks is the sexiest restaurant serving the sexiest pork katsu.

No joke, it’s the finest piece of pork tenderloin one might have, Lil Tokyo be damned. Curry House/Hurry Curry are now off my list.

Eat anything with katsu. Katsudon, tonkatsu, katsu curry, whatevers, as long as it starts with “k” and ends with an “u”.

Someone mentioned price. Yah, it’s not commercialized katsu house prices, but the panko was perfectly golden; pork perfectly moist and soft. It’s the kobe of pork and worth every dime.

Beer and sake avail.

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  • I passed by this restaurant earlier this week and am giving it a try tonight. I’ll take your advice and order something starting with a K and ending with a U.

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