If Shok-G put the satin your panties, VP put the silk in your tofu.

It’s that smooth. I’ve been “chasing the tofu flower” for about 6 years in US of A. There was one joint in Flushing that came *this* close to homeland. That particular lady (scoopin out tofu flower with a proper spatula) sat inside a flower shop and she was open everyday, sun or snow. She’d even toss in some perfectly boiled peanuts to complete the tour de force. Alas Flushing tofu flower lady is now 3000 miles away.

The Chinese saying goes something like: the older the ginger, the spicier it gets.

We’re talking about what compliments above silken tofu flower: ginger syrup. It’s that spicy. See pix. That’s right, a chunk of ginger clearly visible. What’s more impressive is the syrup well-thickened texture. Heavenly! Better than maple syrup!!

Did I mention, in Chinese, tofu is synonym for uhhh.. soft girly parts? That is all.

VP Tofu
237 S Garfield Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 572-9930

PS: I’ve chased soymilk in nearly every Taiwanese breakfast (and Vietnamese soy) in the Western SGV. VP wins, over VK, over Yi Mei, over Thanh Loi (sp?), over whatevers. It’s pure unadulterated soy.



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