Mei Ling Tou Chiang
1257 E Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91801

(626) 284-1868

This place just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know if it’s the platters of baos just randomly laying around, or the owner with complete apathy… mediocre bao, chunky mi jiang with tame roasted rice taste. Tho there is a saving grace: jiou nian (sweet fermented rice wine egg drop soup). but… not that great of a save, since the jiou nian tastes extremely watered down and there were nary mochi balls.

Ye May
608 East Valley Blvd #G
San Gabriel, CA 91776

(626) 280-8568

Ranks down there with My Way Deli on Atlantic, cept My Way actually has 1 edible dish: the o ah jien.

Bad chive dumplings (wrong shape, deep fried instead of panfried), lumpy mi jiang, completely wack egg omelette. Nothing is right here.

I have lived on that lovely island and this Ye May isn’t it. There are zilch Taiwanese workers left and rumor says it was bought out years ago. Huge downhill alert. Btw, I know it made the LA Times but.. are you going to trust me? The man who spent the last year chasing tofu flower? Or the newspaper guy who thought Yung Ho is the greatest shit ever? It’s not. VP still owns you in all facets of soy manipulation.

I know they’ve both been here for eons but mostly, I don’t blame their kitchens. Let’s blame the customers, blame the changing demo based on new influx of Chiu Chao & Sino-Vietnamese folks. All the Taiwanese? Yah, they’ve moved out to Temple City & Arcadia loooong ago..

Waitamin, I gotta non-doppelganger ringer:

The OG Yung Ho
1045 E Valley Blvd #A105
San Gabriel, CA 91776

(626) 280-9317

Yes, this place is OG. 20 years they say. And it still has Taiwanese patrons. Well slap me silly! How can this place taste SO bad? Look at the color of the mi jiang. What happened here? And the dan bing (egg omelette)? No scallions? No sauce? C’mon! Quit cheatin’ me here! I know Yi Mei on Atlantic makes the finest dan bing in all of LA but… try to put up a fight here! That stuffed rice ball? The size of my wiener. You know what they say about Asian dude’s pen0rs right? Saving grace: none. Yes, the mushroom pork bun itself was big, but the stuffing? Think cute Chinese baby balls.



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  • Now this post is what I’m talking about…!

  • ok so is this review about two different restaurants?

  • TonyC

    damnit Suze, it’s about _THREE_ d’frent resto’s. see the addy’s?

  • jchang

    how about the best Taiwanese breakfast place(s) in greater LA?

  • albs

    it’s probably dangerous that i’ve discovered this blog, but it’s not like i’m reading any yelp these days.

  • TonyC

    C’mon now Ms. Chang, you know there’s no “best” Taiwanese breakfast in all of America… quit putting me on the spot!

    Hi Albs! How’s NYC!!! *wave*

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