Quan Thang, a Vietnamese “deli” featuring meat malls and sausages of many varieties, came into my periphery while we were hunting for Vietnamese baked catfish earlier this spring.

At $9 per pack of 6, these are the most expensive Chinese sausages I’ve ever purchased/owned/cooked/eaten outside of a restaurant. While Taiwanese restaurants such as Simbala/PaPa Walk tout excellent sausages, the meaty specimen found at QT is really a thing of pornographic stature.

These “pungent sausages” are short and plump, at the perfect shade of red (due to red food coloring, not due to curing) with nary fat globules to be seen inside the casing. Upon cooking, they don’t go limp even as lard is slowly rendered out by the heat. It’s like sausages on Cialis. They stand the heat, and chars perfectly without turning pruney. Once bitten, the skin pops, and the finely ground pork is extremely tender without being mealy resulting in excellent chew. They are sugary just like Taiwanese sausages, but they are also extremely salty. I attribute this minor fault to their Vietnamese origin.

At $1.50 a stick, I only save this meat to impress the special lady in my life. Afterall, it’s still cheaper than buying sex toys.

Quan Tran
9000 Garvey Ave # A
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 569-9427‎



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