Random Saturday nite text: “New ktown spicy fried chix @ 3rd/Western, called Chicken Day. U could be the first to Yelp it.” Thank you Erik M.

And here we are.

Coupla hours after said text, the subject of the Korean omnipresence in LA came up in convo. I casually mentioned the strong well-to-do Korean presence in La Canada. Fellow bar patrons are in disbelief. Proof came next day in the form of Chicken Day. This new-to-Ktown KFC player opened its first franchise in, of all places, La Canada. Third locale will be in Diamond Bar, a few miles away from Kyochon. Korean Fried Chicken competition is a BITCH and the cost of war is clearly higher than froyo.

The chicken? Better than Bonchon with thicker, savory sauce offering more adhesion, tho drumsticks offer less mass. Better than Kyochon with lower cost (pieces of half chicken – $7 – more moist than Kyochon’s), refreshingly light moo kimchi. CD’s sauce needs to be spicier even tho according to Ktownlove.com, there are 27 ingredients in said sauce. Some folks (mainly Metromix’s Jiyeon Yoo) are deadly set against the funked herbal sauce, I say better funked than capsaicined. Wait time shorter than Bonchon, on par with Kyochon’s. +0.5 stars for free parking structure

So a clear winner can not be produced but the KFC war has shifted into 6th gear. Chicken Day plans to open 20 more franchise ops in US including locations in Valencia, Torrance, Garden Grove & San Diego, Kyochon has reached its tentacles deep into Eastern SGV, etc. Thankfully, no more “yang nyum chi kin” places opened since April . The Chinese to Korean cash flow was making me BROKE!

Ktownlove.com’s article here: that’s right, I ate here before Ktown luuuurve. How do you like them apples?

Thanks Erik!

Chicken Day
301 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 387-9933

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