Cotton Candy?!? Used to be called Amazon. Use to be a shoe store(?) before that. Now it’s a Taiwanese-esque themed bar with a buncha jungle motif and other Hot Topix paraphernalia randomly strewn. Hell it’s not even Taiwanese owned, and their schtick is.. cotton candy! But the cotton candy machines don’t even work! Total strike-out, then?

WTF are you doing here, you ask? Beats me. The Vietnamese joint down the street was closed? And there was a sign for.. $2.99 niu rou mien. Are you kidding? $2.99 for beef noodle soup? Sign my big ass beer gut, up!

Wait! let’s not go to the NRM yet. Let’s talk about this plate of stinky tofu. It’s fried perfectly. It’s not cut up into penny-sized bitelets which always render the tofu cubes too dry. And heck! the center’s still soft! and moist.. and wet.. and… It smells like rancid sex dripping out the next morning! The sauce was simple, but it was garlicky and just good enough. It was probably just augmented Weichuan’s soy paste dip, but Weichuan is OG Taiwanese yo. Not overly-fried large tofu cubes + garlicky soy paste & a side of Northern style cabbage kimchi = great stinky tofu! So great that I don’t have to talk about about the $2.99 bowl of beef noodle soup!

Cotton Candy / Amazon / Ex-shoe store
247 E Main St
Alhambra, CA 91801

(626) 308-9385



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  • i love stinky tofu!

  • I saw, I went, I ate. Now Tony, you need put up the FTR so I can review the place.

  • oh that sounds yummy!

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