While I do not proclaim to be a burger FIEND like our pal Eli here, I have chased it from NYC to Chicago to LA.

In the span of 1 year, a quick survey of LA’s finest (and not-so-fine) was conducted, and below is a joint which has NEVER, EVER EVER, been previously discussed since the beginning of the Internet, cept by me. 😉

When discussing burgers, hounds like to separate the gourmet and the ghetto. Gourmet: Bar Marmont, 25 Degrees, Hungry Cat, Father’s Office, etc. Ghetto: B&R (Compton), Mom’s (Compton), Three Bears, Art’s Art of Burger, The Burger Stand, Masters, etc.

Joints like Yanakis, Astro and now, Nick’s, aren’t ghetto nor gourmet, nor are they solely Angelenic (Greek burger shacks have long prospered in Chicago as well), but they are damn unique. These historic relics serve Mexican food but still proudly carry on the colossus burger, a 1/4 burger topped with pastrami and a bundle of shredded lettuce. Among these Greek-inspired neighborhood burger shacks, Nick’s stands out, as well as Yanakis, due to the house made thousand island, the hand formed char-grilled patty and.. WAIT FOR IT… house made chili.

Yanakis in Industry has been discussed several times, but I like Nick’s. Nick’s chili is meatier, with less of a Tommy’s-esque consistency. In another word, it tastes like real meat in a real chili. Topped with an egg, the 1/4 lb char-grilled chili cheese burger is really a thing of beauty. It makes me wonder if the white bread and the ground meat taste the same in ’63 vs. yesterday.

Nick’s Burger , Nick’s Drive Thru
6101 Whittier Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90022-4503
P: 323-721-3777



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  • Those burgers look real good man…


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  • i think i just had a mild heart attack. 😛

  • jenni

    chili cheese fries look awesome!

  • That patty of meat looks so thin.

    In answer to your question,
    If you like eating plastic/polymer cupcakes then of course. They’d taste delicious.

  • Jennifer,

    The burger patty is indeed thin, but it’s quite a large bun and hence they had to spread a 1/4 thin. Nonetheless, it’s just a nice overall assembly.

  • so this article is about yanakis?

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