(This entry is dedicated to the annual Taipei Beef Noodle Soup Festival. See a blog entry here. Official Taipei website here.)

Feedback’s coming in from all sources regarding Kingburg. Some folks think the thin noodles are total meh, some think the broth is too spicy, others say it’s too salty. It’s odd no one complains about ASA’s ramen being too salty or ASA broth being too oily. While I won’t deny Kingburg is a heavy hitting bowl of niou rou mien (NRM), I will maintain, BEYOND THE NOODLE, FOR AN ANTI-CARB fiend like me, it’s a better overall bowl of beef noodle soup than anything else in Western SGV.

However, there’s one previously unheralded “off menu” version of Niou Rou Mien at a doubly ancient noodle shop which must be discussed. Ming Wa, unlike what Yelpers proclaim, is NOT a Taiwanese operated shop. According to Rail Road Bento’s owner Tony, and according to first hand observation, Ming Wa is clearly a Cantonese shop producing Northern style eats.

No Matter. This is all you need to know: the “Home style” (家長) style noodle is hand knead and knife CUT, not shaven. Yes, this style of hand made noodles is also 1 of the versions offered at Kam Hong, but check this: the result is a fettuccine style noodle that’s TWICE as wide, and THREE times as thick as fettuccine, cooked to nearly al dente perfectly. For those more focused on the carby, sugary aspect of NRM, this is probably the most intensely introspective bowl ever. The broth is beefy, but lacks 5 spice punch, lacks star of anise and SZ peppercorn after taste. It’s a lighter, less tiring bowl, with napa cabbage (totally incorrect) as dressing. The beef chunks are well portioned, with bits of soft tendon, but definitely lacks the intense flavor (some will say saltiness/spiciness?) from Kingburg.

Order it, check it out, ask for it “home style” ($0.50 more) and let me know via comments?

Ming Wa
1227 W Valley Blvd Unit #105
Alhambra, CA 91803
(626) 458-8338
Ming Wa on Urbanspoon

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  • god damn, my mouth is watering!!

  • choisauce

    how do the homestyle noodles here compare to those at the late heavy noodling? ppl raved about that place but those noodles were way too doughy and broth way too weak like a watered down pho. double negative. this place’s broth is beefy but lighter? I dont get it. but if the broth is weaker than kingburg’s I’ll just keep on steppin…

  • those are some thick noodles…

  • Sook

    that is one good looking bowl of noodles. intensely introspective, eh? didn’t know how complex a carb it was. hehe

  • great post, keep up the good work.

  • looking at that has made me really hungry, wish I could get some in my area.

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