Los Angeles - $25 Gift Certificates for $10

my buddy Dan runs a website for folks who wanna save $: http://thefrugalone.com/. What he doesn’t know.. is that i’m really a ghetto-fab cheap bastard. let me demonstrate:

Tracht Long Beach is listed as a 1000 point reservation @ http://www.opentable.com Thursday thru Saturdays, 5:30-7:30. 1000 points at Opentable is worth $10 in gift certificates from Opentable. Then you combine Restaurant.com Gift Certificates for a whopping $50 off $100 and if you’re GOOD, you’ll find that $50 coupon for $2 (this month’s Restaurant.com 50% off code is VOTE. Last month, there was an 80% coupon! holy mother!)

That $100 meal @ Tracht is now $100 – $50 + 10 – $10 = $50. How do you like ’em apples? I’m not an active poster on Fatwallet but this deal DEFINITELY qualifies for a lot of greens.

Same applies to TART: 1000 opentable.com reservation points during weekday dinners: 5-7pm, then add a Restaurant.com Gift Certificates for $20 off of $35. Final Math: $35 – 20 + 5 – 10 = $10

Back in Chicago, I’d TRIPLE whore dining rewards:

  • Opentable.com booking bonus rounds during weak dining times
  • Restaurant.com Gift Certificates
  • AND!!! drumroll please: Rewards Network which credited my AA.com account with frequent flier miles, up to 10 miles per $1 spent!!!
  • Jenni? Soleil? has a restaurant.com coupon. Southaby folks: Al-Watan Halal has restaurant.com coupons. All’Angelo, Cobras Y Matador, even Comme Ca, are all on Rewards Network. Last year, I dined out enough to fly into Roma for free!?!

    Effective Nov 14, New 70% !!!!! off coupon code: DESSERT




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