Soft opening day, 11/25.

Beyond the kickass design elements (doner shaped overhanging chandelier, great looking lights, junk metal as wall art, etc.), this place just rubs me the wrong way.

Schawarma built with focaccia, doner kabob served over a bed of sweet potato fries; hummus that’s not smooth and completely lacks garlicky punch; greasy, annoying fried pita strips are, etc. They’re stingy with the tzatziki unless you ask and the falafel is just a mushy ball of peas without a crunchy facade.

Yup, it’s basically just like the other one in Eagle Rock that people LOOOOOVE so much, except with a beer/wine bar & much cooler decor.

Kudos for being reasonably priced in an expensive neighborhood, kudos for serving LA Mill iced tea, kudos for having cool, funky design elements hipsters enjoy, kudos for actually making their own doner instead of buying pre-fabbed cones from: Kronos, Grecian Delight, Olympic, Devanco (a few of the major pressed cone kebab manufacturers from Chicago, the birth place of current American gyros). Now all the Crit Mass vegheads can come here for their falafel foccacias after their disruptive rides.

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