As post Title states, the reservation lines are open today, November 3: 310-247-0400

The last major Hollywood opening was Michael Mina’s XIV. It was blogged to death on the first day of opening: here, here, and here, here AND here. Now LA should give the same treatment to Bazaar, surely a more interesting restaurant…



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  • sweet!

  • jin

    i love jose andres. went to jaleo twice while i was in DC. Can’t wait to stuff my face with jamon iberico again.

  • TonyC

    quit showing off jin! haha! i haven’t made my own ressie yet… not gonna make opening day i’m afraid!

  • I already have my reservation. I haven’t been this excited about a restaurant opening since Gordon Ramsay (and hopefully it won’t be as disappointing as Ramsay!).

  • i love opentable!! best concept ever with the 1k reservations.

  • TonyC


    not gonna be here for opening day.. i’m sure kevin + whomever will blog about it..

    looks like the “dessert dinner” I wanted @ XIV won’t happen either since EVERYONE has to order everything/same things. surely no one wants a $60 dinner of only desserts.

  • Had an amazing meal there last week!! Jose Andres’ non-traditional Tortilla Espanola was divine.

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