Won’t write too much here except to straighten the menu:

Sai krok Issan – Thai Issan sausage (fan-fuggin-tastic, not fried, super flavorful, not too sour)
Moo yang – grilled pork neck with “jaew” (much better hot, sorry!)
Soup nor mai – Issan bamboo salad (funky, FUNKY version, with mint? lots of lemon grass)
larp neua / soi koy – Issan aw minced beef salad (innnteresting, not quite the soi koy i was expecting)
kaeng nor mai – NE / Lao style bamboo shoot soup (love it, love the funk, love the greens)
kao klu ka pi – shrimp paste fried rice with mix in’s (major disappointed, TRIPLE the fish paste and call me again)
green curry with fish balls (really, REALLY coconutty)
larp koong – Issan raw shrimp salad (would’ve been great if followed moo yang / sausage combo)
whole fried trout with 3 flavor sauce
some random coconut jelly dessert
outta town ringers: cupcakes & peanut buttery inside cookies

Owners: Samone/Tom
Chef: Linda
Waiter: Nam

Thai Issan Restaurant
11448 South St (between Carl’s Jr. and Coco’s, on the South side of street)
Cerritos, CA 90703

Thai Issan on Urbanspoon

This dinner was squeezed in between 3 other stops I made with the manbitesworld.org crew. In addition, we also had Claro’s Italian sub which totaled to coronary-inducing 4 restaurants in 6 hours.



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  • Sook

    i love the asian “v” over the food. that’s what i do before i eat the shit out of everything too.

  • was this the dinner where u are the sore thumb?

  • TonyC

    lol Sook,

    of course the guy who held the V was a Chinese guy…

  • Jacqueline

    Those are, of course, the most beautiful pictures of food ever!

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