The orig Che Cali’s in Westminster still serves up some of best chicken banh mi in the southland. we’ve yet sampled the chicken BM here in Rosemead, but I do have to say at $1.75 (and buy 2 get 1 free), this place has the meatiest dac biet when compared to Mr. B and Lee’s. I swear the head cheese/pork roll/jambon combined was folded 1/2″ thick on all of our sandwiches. the dac biet also has a nice thick spread of pate. basically, it’s pork eaten head to tail. love it.

what not to get? the B1G1 boba milk tea. (2 for $2). disgusting. OTOH, the $1.50 cafe sua da is quite delish with lil pebbles of crushed ice.



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