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Mr. Gold reveals his 2008 99 essential restaurants: LA Weekly

And I people go apeshit, right away


The Most Expensive dinner ever! by Grant & Thomas: $1500


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A few of us were conjecturing as to whether Soleil in WeLA will take these doodads on their AYCE mussels nite… buncha cheap bastards.


Earlier The Nickel was deteremined to be an ugly solution to the DTLA weekend brunch issue, so it’s good to hear Ma Petit Bakery has opened for weekend brunch in DTLA. Just hope they have some protein options instead of an all-carb menu. (O YES! I see a complete breakfast menu on page 2: Ma Petit Website)


And finally, LA Times blogs about what finally appears to be an EDIBLE sushi joint in Lil Tokyo: Toshi

Los Angeles - $25 Gift Certificates for $10



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  • $1500?/ what does this include?

  • Kathy

    Woo-hoo, thanks for the shoutout.

    Cheap bastards unite!

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