[photo via potatomato]

photo via potatomato

The sun was looking mighty orange Sunday nite. Orange from the soot and ash, orange from the disseminating smoke.

After a few hours of hard weekend manual labor, I figured the perfect meal would be some sut (fire in Korean?) to go with the soot.

$17 per person to taste 18? types of meat in 1 of the oldest Ktown traditions. It’s so old that Caucasians now frequent this joint as if it’s Hometown Buffet. About 6 types of panchan, naengmyun cold noodles or taengjiang korean miso soup served at the end of the meal. Overall, pretty darn mediocre. Since I last visted, they’ve gained a few hand written meat cuts but I’m there for the same things: sang kalbi , kalbi, daeji bulgogi, dalk kalbi. She won’t eat beef tongue, but she does love the sam gyup ssal.

Seriously, this place is just NOT as good as the higher quality protein offered elsewhere. I love sut, I can even deal with the archaic ventilation but.. what I hate, is that both Gui Rim and SBGR2 (soot bul gui rim 2) both comingle the first serving of raw meats together into the same tray. I don’t want my unmarinated sang kalbi to look / taste exactly the same as my kalbi and dalk kalbi. Really, what’s the point they’re all soaking in the same marinade? The only saving grace is they serve sam gyup ssal’s dressing separately and daeji kalbi’s always in a small alumi foiled boat. Otherwise, I’d just stop grilling.

And no pix were taken bcuz: I’m not getting my SLR greasy. It’s Gui Rim. Everybody knows Gui Rim. I’m just happy I ate fired meat when LA’s burning away.

Jackie/Rick, etc., I hope all your fam’s houses are a-ok. God bless.

[photo via KbloginLA]

via KtownbloginLA



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  • Sook

    there’s a strange monastic air to the top photo w/ the fans looking like church bells or something. sacred meats. yumm!!!

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