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Go 2nd Street Cafe!

We needed Sunday brunch and dangit I don’t wanna go back to Nickel Cafe again (see my previous rant here: )

Saturday nite, on the way back to my “uber secret Lil Tokyo parking spot” after doing a quick omakase @ Toshi’s (previous discussion here: ), we walked by 2nd street Cafe and read about the house baked breads and house smoked bacon/ham, etc. I was already thinking: man, this sounds like a perfect brunch joint!

Winners: the smorgasbord omelette with EVERYTHING. Think kitchen sink, ala bi bim bap of omelettes (2nd Street Cafe is Korean owned); my oddly concocted eggs benedict with extra hollandaise (as well as a smidget of house made hash between foccacia + ham) was beyond excellent, with a perfectly poached egg; french pressed LA Mill carafe of coffee at only $4.

We’ll be back, for brunch, in the PSEUDO outdoor seating, to bask the sun. Btw, once again, why I love LA: you have a Korean mother+son team, with a hapa waiter, operating a mid-scale American resto serving Chicken Masala, etc., in the middle of Little Tokyo ? O wait, Blue Dahlia was already doing that, except I like 2nd Street Cafe better, because it’s NOT a one dish wonder.

PS: 3rd weekend of ops. advised opening date of Nov 19 which is incorrect. Think… Nov 12/13 or so. Mrs. Jang didn’t quite remember…

2nd St Cafe
442 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 617-1745
2nd St Cafe on Urbanspoon

"wee" bit burnt



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