as told to SinoSoul over Sam Adams: “honey, this taste like cafeteria burger… the stuff served on a brown tray? with a side of canned peaches”?

Apparently a dozen Chowhounds can be wrong. McCormick & Schmick’s hosts 2 happy hours, the later one starts at 9pm at the DTLA location. Half of the items are $1.95, the other $5.95. Drink specials martinis are at $10, no beer specials and there’s a $2.95 drink minimum (soft drinks – served in glass bottles, coffee, and ice tea all meats $3 drink After downing the mealy burger (with texture of chef boyardee’s spaghetti meatballs), I’m officially 0 for 3 as far as DTLA Happy Hour goes.

Gross, just gross.

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  • try the burger at library bar. pretty respectable. HH burger at McCormick’s in Beverly Hills is better, though I only ate there because it’s the cheapest thing to eat on Rodeo after work.

  • I think it is just cheap. Nothing more, nothing less in a DTLA HH. Other than that, I really couldn’t think of a memorable place in downtown for a burger and I had been on a semi burger hunt myself. Still want to check out Mom’s based on what I saw in your earlier post.

  • oh, Pitfire Pizza has pretty decent pizzas for happy hour from 4-7 for half-off. Much better than CPK or the like and a mere $5 for a pie. Not bad.

  • TonyC

    I already whore coupons for Pitfire so HH isn’t much of an issue. However, they don’t serve a burger.. or anything fried!

    Will eventually give Library Bar a try, but unless it’s a HH special, I don’t really feel the urgency.

    thanks for the tip!

  • Honestly, I don’t know about prices on their food being part of the HH at Library bar. It looked like you are going to splurge $10 on those.

  • Library bar has happy hour drink specials, but their burger runs you $10. But come on, their fries are fried in porkfat and they have roasted bone marrow. Not an easy find in LA.

  • When I work in the downtown office, we frequent McCormick’s happy hour. No options and a pretty sad burger. I really don’t know why we keep coming here. Still, it’s a lot of food quantity, if not quality for $2.

  • Yea, the McCormick and Schmick HH (and drinks) is pretty depressing, with cheapness being the only redeeming quality.

    Downtown, my preferred Happy Hours are Edison (discount on drinks only, $13-14 are lowered to $7-9), Ciudad (they also do a late night HH too) and Warung (I think this one does have specials on food and drink)

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