For 6 months, a war was waged against the Korean Fried Chicken joints in Ktown. (And Please note: I don’t consider Buena Park to be Ktown. BBQ Chicken of Buena Park means NOTHING to me). From Chu Ga Jip, to the Prince, Toe Bang, OB Bear, Hite (BARF), VNS, Kokodon, blah blah, blah blah blah, we ate it all. Then quit it cold turkey.

After a relatively pricey and heinous (my word of the week) meal at the Gom Ja Tang (fanciful bland Korean oxtail soup with better cuts of beef than sullungtang) a day previous, I vowed to taste some heavenly KFC which happens to be next door. (Well, not exactly next door, since an Italian owned pizza joint is actually next door, but… bygones)

And the chicken? Still

better than Bonchon with thicker, savory sauce offering more adhesion, tho drumsticks offer less mass. Better than Kyochon with lower cost (pieces of half chicken – $7 – more moist than Kyochon’s), refreshingly light moo kimchi. CD’s sauce needs to be spicier even tho according to, there are 27 ingredients in said sauce. Wait time shorter than Bonchon, on par with Kyochon’s.

Still double fried with skin nearly fluffy, yet undeterred by the sauce to remain crispy.

While LA Metromix’s Ms. Yoo rejected the funked medicinal flavor of the near-spicy sauce, I actually prefer this sauce over Kyonchon/Bonchon’s straight gochujiang/corn syrup sauce. Sadly, I’ve since come to realize we skipped one KFC proffering from early ’06: Kokodon – now a pho joint on Western. Nonetheless, this entry is to give the K-town KFC list – and myself! haha! – on Metromix a shout-out:

Just don’t actually go to Hite for them yang nyum chicken wings. So, SO horribly sweet, hard and guaranteed to give yield indegstion.

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  • I need a KFC fix! I haven’t had any since some spicy Bonchon chicken awhile back….

  • Which chicken spot do you like the best? It’s hard to tell. No doubt you hate Hite. That place was intense. I can see what you’re saying about it being sweet. It was definitely spicy, and that combo led to stomach pains. Then again, it was after two other dinners. I really like the spicy chicken at KyoChon, and think Bonchon wasn’t nearly as impressive.

  • choisauce

    are u f-ing kidding me? chicken day’s chicken is MUCH sweeter than hite’s. it also has cinnamon in there. wtf. tastes like dessert chicken. very poorly fried as well as it doesnt have a nice crisp (almost soggy). indigestion? thats more representative of ur weak stomach not the chicken. u should stick to a happy meal with chicken mcnuggets then.

  • if you want the best yang yum ttong dak, check out chugajip in the valley. I think they have a location in ktown too but I haven’t been there. Chicken Day’s chicken is definitely sweeter than Hite. If anything, Hite’s chicken wings are spicer (much spicier actually). The breading and frying at CD is also weaker and doesn’t stand up as well to the meat as does the breading/frying/sauce at Hite. I was at the Hite meal with FoodGPS and agree that stomach pains probably more of a result of eating two previous full-sized dinners than the actual wings at Hite.

  • TonyC

    Done the Chuga Jip’s Chicken in Ktown. Adequate, but not it.

    Only the current new crop of fad yang nyum chicken joints 2x fry their chicken, Hite does not, Chuga Jip does not, neither does Co Co Roo inside Hannamchain. That’s the end of the story. Double frying yields a crispier paper thin skin that’s less greasy, less tree bark like. Hite’s yang nyum thick batter destroys the roof of the oral cavity, harkens back to a bad General Tso’s chicken and is against every standard of yang nyum chikin set forth by the NYT article:

    When (if ever), all the yang nyum wings/drumlets are benchmarked simultaneously, surely Hite’s product will be tossed out for failing to meet basic cooking standards. If I want a spicy deep fried chicken with too much breading, I’d go to a lousy Szechuan place and ask for General Tso’s chicken at $6.99 / plate.

    Btw, their spicy fried chicken products resulted in ill-feeling everytime, no crawls required. Of course above 2 comments are much appreciated (and previously privately discussed / disagreed upon). We can’t all like the same thing.

  • Perhaps Hite has some heavier breading than Bonchon or Kyochon, but Chicken Day’s is also very heavily breaded. The “sweet” argument falls when comparing them side by side. Chicken Day’s is children’s food while Hite’s is legitimate Korean bar food. NYT was discussing the double-fried chicken pieces that are popular in Korea and arrived in NY before hitting LA. LA hasn’t latched on as much because we’ve had fried chicken in our bars for a lot longer.

    We can’t all like the same thing (de gustibus non disputandum est), but if you’re going to disparage Hite for being sweet and sickly, then perhaps examine the subject of your post and realize that CD doesn’t follow the vein of Kyochon or Bonchon in its devotion of fresher, crispier, double-fried chicken but is more along the lines of OB Bear and Hite and dozens of other more old-school, single-fried chicken. They might double-fry in theory, but their execution doesn’t really come close to what they do at Kyochon (haven’t had Bonchon). Personally, I much prefer the single-fry type – double-frying dries out the chicken.

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