There exists thousands of alley ways created by densely packed hi-rises all over Hong Kong. Even in Tsim Sha Tsui, a touristy area, one can find make-shift food stalls created by plastic tarp tents propped up a few poles in the narrow alley way between 2 buildings. There are never names to the stalls. During breakfast, you’ll see congee here, you’ll see steamed rice flour seat rolls (ala dimsum’s chong fun), you’ll see lo mein, etc.

Now you take that lil tent of a food stall, throw it inside a corner spot of an old Monterey Park building: voila! Hong Kong Cafe

$5.50 gets you a bowl of ramen with shredded chicken or spam or ham, a “polo” bun with butter, and a cup of hot HK-style tea. Now… once upon a time, I “dated” this crazy girl who insisted, at butt crack of dawn, on a cup of HK-style tea, in the middle of Downtown Chicago. That was years ago, but even til this day, we joke about going on a tea hunt. Hunt no more. Oddly, for the second time in 2 days, I found Cantonesers jonsing for iced HK-style tea. Like my mommy says, being in this country too long REALLY fucks you up!

Again, don’t ask me how good this is. BAD is just BAD. Hong Kong Cafe will leave your conscious clear knowing you ate a full ethnic Lreakfast for $5.50 without setting inside a Mickey Dee’s.

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  • amy

    dude, its freakin cold. i need some soup.

  • Carine

    This restaurant discriminates against non-chinese speaking customers. If you don’t speak chinese, even if you are chinese, they would treat you like a second rated customers. I was there with my family today, and because we did not order in chinese, the waitress after taking our order, total ignore usthe entire time. The place is small, so it is very obvious that I would know who is there before and who came after us. But, everyone else came after us got their food before we got ours. Don’t be fool by the cheap price, because you get what you pay for. By the way, as for the food, you are better off eating instant noodle at home instead of waste your $6 plus tip (as if they deserve it) at this joint. Definitely not worth the drive, time, and most of all, my money.

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