Wing Tin has been around for hella days. I believe it was related to the branch in Alhambra on Main, before that was “shut down”. Nowadays, it’s barricaded by construction catwalks that somehow attracted my otherwise unpaying attention to this full-blown Cantonese restaurant.

They do a kaffir leaf smoked duck & chicken that is unfounded anywhere else in all of SGV. Tho it’s not on Yelp and it’s not on Chowhound, it is the reason why SinoSoul exists.

Broke-Ass Dining (BAD – TM SinoSoul ’08) items of interest: daily recession specials such as buy 2 oil chicken leg/thigh, get 1 free (enough to feed a family of 4), as well as the entire $2.99 / $3.99 Chinese-only special menu posted on wall as well as banner on construction catwalk.

Other BAD items: $4.99 per entree of stir fry specials, including shrimp in lobster/black bean sauce, satay beef, ad nausea:

Folks will ask: how good is this place? And I’ll reply with: Seriously? Does it matter? When people say: Library Bar’s $10 burger is not bad when there are Happy Hour specials, I think of Won Tin’s $5 combo chow mien (extra crispy please!) and smile deeply to myself. Yes they use MSG, yes they use canned pineapples, but Won Tin’s good enough to keep me living in the Western (626).

Won Tin
1124 W. Valley Blvd.
Alhambra, CA, 91803
(626) 289-3616
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  • just keep those subtle jabs coming. happy hour is not a favorite activity of mine. it’s like sunday brunch, where restaurats dump their old, crappy food at ‘bargain’ prices to people that don’t particularly care about the food they’re eating. $10 is definitely not a great deal, but i’d prefer paying full price for that burger than a poor-quality happy hour burger. If I wanted a cheap burger, I’ll go to In-n-out.

    Won Tin does seem like a good place to spend $5 on food though.

  • *restaurants. it’s cold in the office and it’s hard to type normally.

  • TonyC

    Ahhh c’mon matt…

    That burger exchange was between you and Pepsi Monster! , not even fair!

    You know I’ve paid for some $$$ burgers.. and really, you guys were slammin’ me via the Chicken Day comments. no sweat!

  • Aww, I didn’t make any exchange with Matt. I only offer up that the burger price was $10, but didn’t know whether the food prices can be discounted during HH.

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