Caveat and… this is a personal guarantee: There is NO other report of Veer’s Indian Catering (pardon me for giving Mr. Bedi’s “Dollar Store”, restaurant nom-nom joint a new name) on the Internet. Not on Chowhound, not on Urbanspoon, not on ANY blog, and just forget about Yelp. Cuz it’s you look, it’ll be my FTR as of December 8th, 2008.

5 years ago, Gurbachan Bedi wanted to open a small market in Alhambra featuring his favorite snacks and other Indian groceries. The City advised he must have 9 parking spots, in a corner strip mall with only 13. No bueno. Undeterred and outwitting the officials, Mr. B asked about a “Dollar Store”, and Alhambra parking Nazis permit issuers replied with a ray of hope: only 3 parking spot needed. The difference of 6 parking stalls is what brought me to the scrumptious curry chicken samosas and home brewed chai tea that day. 4 years later, Mr. V. has thrown up a banner touting home made Indian/Burnmese and now thinks of establishing a wee bit patio presence for clienteles (like moi) who can’t wait to chow down on his Indian snacks (think farali chivda, a potato grit like snack/sweets, etc.). The result of this? The only literal home made Indian food in all of SGV for us non-South Asians:

For dessert, kaju barfi, a flat parallelogram of sugar thickened milk & blended cashew, along with jalebi, a pretzel-esque fried sweet snack made with maida flour were consumed.

Folks, watch this space, because Mr. B. spoke of his wife’s kickass chicken biryani and the accompanying “catering” outfit that can whip up a dinner for 2, or a group meal for 20… Yah I know what you’re thinking: 8 course Indian tasting menu replete with Indian Thums Up

Thums Up!

Veer’s Dollar Store
1107 W Mission Rd
Alhambra, CA‎

(626) 458-8641‎
Veer's Dollar Store on Urbanspoon



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  • jenni

    great pics.

    does thums up taste more like coke or pepsi? 😉

  • You know, there’s a place JUST like this in Torrance. On Hawthorne/Sepulveda by the ARCO station. Cheap Indian food inside an Indian market.

  • TonyC

    Jenni, it’s a Coke product so…

    Danny, righto! That one’s called… Indian Sweets and Groceries…

  • awesome! are the samosas a dollar too?

  • LOL, can’t get anything past you Tony!

  • Kathy L

    Srsly, you come up with the best finds. I have to hit up this place soon. I love Indian everything.

  • TonyC

    Susy, the veggie samosas are $5 for 3! killer bargain!

    Kathy, I hope you will join us when we do the Veer’s catered dinner (somewhere – need to knock out a space fort his sometime in Jan)

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