“Legendary Brownie”
“The Best Brownie Ever”

That’s what their website says. Wow… can you blow air up your own arse any harder? Are these as legendary, shitty good as Magnolia’s cupcakes? Is it a New York thang? Cuz Gray’s Papaya? I mean.. uhh.. you know.. cuz it’s from NYC, it MUST be good?

So this 2 inches squared, 1.5 oz piece of chocolatty goodness was devoured in 4 bites between 2 people. Damage: $2.75 + shipping. Seriously over-rated, but!!!! Still better than any cupcake ever made, Magnolia or otherwise.

Correction (12/16): well.. I guess what we had was the Fat Witch baby, which, at $1.40/ea, wasn’t so bad at all… Duh is me!

Fat Witch Bakery

Fat Witch Bakery on Urbanspoon



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