As a Chicagoan of 3 years & New Yorker of also 3 years, it’s hard not to be entranced by hotdogs. Whenever news of Let’s Be Frank’s removal from its usual Culver City / Venice locales, my eyes peep up.

This week, Let’s be Frank’s ALL over blogosphere:
Article on NY Times about Let’s Be Frank’s Craigslist want ad and linked by Series Eats

Let’s Be Frank arrives at Silverlake Wine this Thursday, Dec 4th. Same PR release hits FoodGPS & Eating LA.

I, myself, still prefers a Chicago dog from Portillo’s.. With ketchup.. Speaking of catchup… I noticed Let’s Be Frank served organic ketchup and upon inspection the label still lists corn syrup as main ingredient. Really, what’s the point of being organic when there’s still HFCS? YICK.

Let’s Be Frank

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