Triumphal Palace
Lunasia grand re-opened on Dec 19th. According to a Yelp post, the name apparently copies some “popular” Hong Kong Drama.

I had to google thrice to confirm this, only to find it’s simply not true when viewed from… say… ENGLISH. Undoubtly the gwai-lo’s visiting Lunasia will completely miss the reference considering it’s only obvious in the Chinese characters. Say it with me: we ain’t no FOB. And this is America.

According to a poster on Eater LA, 1 of Triumphal’s original partners bought out the other partners and re-opened under a new name. TP was completely dead Monday-Thursday during dinner service and it’s dimsum fame from a few years back was beginning to wane.

So how is the dimsum? Not bad, not great. Hit n miss. There are only a handful of “S”mall items at $1.88. The tofu flower was nearly inedible, tasting nothing of soy, completely pathetic compared to the ilks of VP/VK Tofu. The fried mochi dumpling was not bad, but devoid of stuffing, ditto to the trio of baked char siu buns. The economy is seriously but but.. can we get few more grams of filling inside the bao’s? Please? The “phoenix claws” The Phoenix Claw (chicken feet) was very mild w/ nary a scent of fermented black bean, and not oily, hence perfect as left overs.

The tour de force: the OMG shiu mai. Before in depth discussion on these AWESOME steamed goodies, a minor caveat: I don’t chase dimsum like a craving Westsiders during Sunday brunch. 888 hasn’t touched my tongue in God knows how long and I can’t stay I’ve ever set foot inside New Capital. On a lazy Sunday, Ammo / JAR / Campanile trumps Capital Seafood/Sea Harbor/Elite/NBC/blah blah, yada yada yada. But these shiu mais were little balls of dynamite. They were damn good. Not oversteamed, with the shrimp perfectly tender, and the pork’s texture nearly matching the shrimp. No clue how they did this. I don’t even LIKE shiu mai but these got to me.

Price breakdown: Smalls $1.88, Tea service $1/pp

Wait time: 30 min after 11:30, no wait prior to 11am.

Dimsum hours: 10am-3pm daily.

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  • Wow. I’m not sure if I should try this place. The reviews on Yelp are sketchy!

  • Chris

    The pictures of those dishes are making me salivate. Might as well try it once. Can’t hurt right?

  • The new (english) name is so weird, I still can’t get used to it. I mean, it’s even cheesier than the usual Ocean Harbor Capital Palace Seafood etc etc …

    But maybe I will try it out for the shiu mai after all 🙂
    *noting dishes to avoid from the post*

  • i heart shu mai!

  • juma

    I don’t know if it’s the same chef, but the beef balls were bomb there too when it was Triumphal. That’s what I said it my extinct yelp review, that I don’t even like siumai, but Triumphal made me a fan

  • Jeff

    I think the food is even better than Triumphal. I think they have greatly improved over the last owner.

  • some good news,do you might if i share this?

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