Yes, Morton’s is a chain. So is McCormick’s. But they’re PREMIUM chains. Further justification: I’ve been to the original Morton’s in Chicago. Hence now all Morton’s are allowed. Yes, cognitive dissonance works miracles for my unwavering food morals.

Versus the $2 burger at McCormick’s, Morton’s $5 Trio of Angus sliders shine. Each bun, slightly larger than “silver dollar”, came with 1/6 lb of medium rare fallafels of beef, topped with a wee bit of veggies and.. wait for it.. no fancy dressing. You taste beef, you taste bun, life is good. Kudos to the kitchen for actually make tiny lil sliders medium rare. Just a gem at $5.

During the 9:30-11pm Happy Hour, we feasted on jumbo-lump style of crab cakes, artichoke dip and some feta topped fries. At $5 per plate, the lump crab cakes were just a fantastic buy. It’s not a dish that’s easily butchered ala Maryland style crabcakes, but.. Really, these dollops of seafood goodness were huge and unmarred by extraneous carbs toppings. Just lovely.

Other worthy note: the bar menu serves up items in trios. From the burger to the jumbo lump crab cakes, make sure you ain’t doing a double date happy hour else someone will go home hungry.

Final worthy note: no alcohol purchases required for HH menu at bar. Total damage: $8 per person, tax and tip included.

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