Pitfire Pizza Company

Happy New Years Eve, and unfortunately, we’re all still pretty broke.

Pitfire is the only edible chained chain-let pizza joint in LA. Don’t agree? Post your suggestion in the comments. They serve beer, no tip required, and they still bring the food out to you. It’s a cheap bastard’s sit-down wet dream come true.

The only problem is.. the ceramic oven, while a literal fire pit, is just too consistent. The crust doesn’t have the uneven burnt bubbling of wood/coal fired pizzas. And, while tasty, the heated fresh pie crust has a shelf life of .. say.. 10 minutes. You eat the pie in 10 minutes, or it becomes palatable only to your dog.

Now, at $10/pizza-pannini-salad, this joint doesn’t actually qualify for the B.A.D. club. But after purchasing a $10 off $20 coupon for $3 from restaurant.com
, Pitfire automatically becomes B.A.D. And then you add an 80% off coupon ala

80% Off + Free $25 Certificate with /a min. $11 purchase on $25 Gift Certificates. $2 with code CELEBRATE.12/26/08 thru 12/31/08.

holy cow, $20 meal becomes a $10.6 meal!

How much do I trust the crust of Pitfire? Enough to eat there on… VALENTINE’S DAY. O yah!

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