Make no mistake, a lot of people do not like turkey. By “a lot”, I mean Asians. The only way a turkey is going into my stomach is in the form of a burger. Knowing how much I love beef, it’s easy to count the number of times turkey protein will be touch my bowels a year.

Come Thanksgiving time, let’s all think duck from now on? Can we? Please? I know Bludso’s was busy frying up turkey the day before Thanksgiving, but turkey skin’s texture still doesn’t appeal to the masses after frying. So off to Railroad Bento I go for a Tainan style smoked duck. To be honest, the exact culinary delicaries from Tainan (the ex-capital of Taiwan, located in the south, 20 miles North of Kaoshiung, Taiwan’s biggest port; 30 miles north of Siaokang where my mother was born/raised) isn’t too familiar, but Railroad Bento’s proprietors, Tony & Annie, are ex-residents. And with US immigration came the local recipe for Tainan smoked duck over rice, a dish, along with other veggie stir fries, often served as instant bento boxes along the railroad lines connecting Taiwan’s south and the north:

courtesy of Mark Caltonhill


The FFIL (future father in law) is a steak man who prefers his beef with soju, hence it’s only natural to end up having kalbi for T-giving meal. But this year, there’s some smoked oh-li (duck) to go with the kalbi and boy, yours truly hit the jackpot. FFIL digs duck. And no one at the table has ever tasted duck of this prep. Zing!!!

Btw, Railroad Bento stuffs their own Taiwanese sausage. The pork chop isn’t my style (w/ tempura breading) but the rest of the fair is absolutely authentic. There’s no mistake where these folks are from, what they’re cooking, who their clients are.

Railroad Bento
311 E. VALLEY BLVD. #103
T: 626-569-9868 
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