After chowing down on this burger… all I can think about is that hook.. where the guy goes: “The most beautifullest thing in this world, is just like that [burger]!!!”

The chickie, being a hip/hip/R&B junkie was bound to know the artist, and so I asked her. But.. she didn’t know!!! WTF? You can’t call your other R&B junkie friend for references!


After repeated visits to 25 Degrees this year, it was time to pay homage to the Not-So- OG bestest burger of LA @ Bar Marmont. Even tho S. Irene – LA Times just recently gave Chateau Marmont only 1 star, I know Ms. Vibrila secretly enjoys the Bar Marmont Burger just as much as I. Yet betraying the AWESOMENESS of this burger, I could not find a single photograph of this mysterious animal (well.. except this one but.. you know.. it’s highly.. LACKING)

And here you have it folks, a very red, very unsharp, very dark pix of the Most Beautifullest Burger In The World (© SinoSoul, 2008). Tried as I may, there was no good way to shoot this damn beast w/o flash. So sorry, I is fail:

Nonetheless, what a gorgeous burger: approx. 1/2 lb of angus-quality meat (unspecified on menu) on perfectly buttery brioche, tomato and green leaf lettuce on the side, with a side of spear pickle (made in house). In addition, there is house-made ketchup and garlic aioli to go with the fries. If you ask for medium rare, you will get a bloody puck unlike anything else in LA: a sealing meat crust surrounding a cooked beefy outer, surrounding an actual tartare center. With every bite, your teeth greets 3 distinct textures. It’s wonderfully playfullest.

In addition to the “Damn Good Burger”, there’s now “Uncle Louie Burger” with avocado and bacon at $18 vs. the regular $16 burger (fries included for both). Cheese is $1 extra. Kitchen opens til 12:30am, but good luck getting a seat Friday at midnite.

PS: Most Beautifullest Thing In the World? It’s by Keith Murray…

Bar Marmont PDF Menu

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