Yes, the folks are from Staten Island. Yes, the product looks like a NYC pie. Still, it comes out of a baker’s pride oven, not a coal fired pit. But hey, there is fresh mozz, laid piece by piece onto each pie. That’s a huge plus and a rare LA find.

Even during the first week of opening, it’s 1 of the better NYC slices in LA, IMO, on par with Vito’s (but with a much larger, relaxed, less pressured, room to die), offering almost a similar crust to Joe’s, but with more chew, albeit a bit thicker. Chew is good. Chew is from high-gluten flour. Chew is what’s missing from the current iteration of Bollini’s Pizza.

That said, Garage is still the pizza home base for us even tho I know the pie slinger ain’t from NYC and the owners aren’t third generation parlor owners. I think that’s what’s TRULY great about LA cuisine.

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  • high gluten flour eh?

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