$8.99 for a whole small hen grilled over open mesquite flames in the middle of a Mexican Mercado’s parking lot. In addition, arroz along with frijoles refritos, a side of salsa rojo and a whole grilled banana jalapeno are all included in the same bento.

Erik M posted about it here last July. When Erik says “go”, I say “when”. Since then, we’ve been a few times. The grill master is the picture Nazi, but a man who has honed his craft week in, week out, slaving over hot coal barrels. The chicken itself has lighter flavors than that of Dino’s, but is superior to Pollo a la Brasa w/o the aji sauce. While not spicy per se, when coupled with the big banana peppers, there’s great savoriness in the simplicity of the entire concoction. What’s truly interesting is the nopales salsa, one of the condiments I’ve been dying to sample. Next time?

Btw, recession and inflation might have hit this country since last summer, but Mercada Mexico’s prices remain proudly at $8.99 . Please go support this Boyle Height Mexican owned biz *yes, I asked, the market isn’t Korean-operated*, cuz that dude in the bird suit clamoring for your hungry attention? Has a really REALLY tough job.

Mercado Mexico Market on Urbanspoon

Erik’s Flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22982768@N05/sets/72157605508074387/

My photo set below:



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