5-8pm Happy Hour: budae jigae, mom’s lunch box, bottle soju…

Guess how much. GUESS!




TWENTY DOLLAHS! $19.99, are you out of your mind

You won’t exactly see the Happy Hour Special written on menu, but it is has been advertised in the Korea Times (you’ll see it stuck on the toilet wall). You will also see the special written on the blackboard. Not that you can read it but… what it includes is 1) big ‘ol pot of budae jigae (army stew, Johnson’s Tang), 2) an old school grandma’s lunch box (think bento) 3) a bottle of soju. $20.

The pot of budae jigae, tho replete with cheap shit (think a few slices of fish cake, a few slices of rice cake, some spam, slices hot dogs, 2 packs of instant ramen, some kimchi and a buncha red pepper powder), is enough to feed 2. The bento box, I presume, is good enough to feed 1. A bottle of soju, let’s say it’s ok to share amongst 3.

A meal for 3: $20 + tip and tax. Unheard of Ktown. All this, thanks to an intrepid pioneering Yelpette Caroline Y.

How good is the budae jigae? At $13 (the regular price before and after happy hour), it’s the cheapest in town. (Trust me, I called DGM, Chunju, Gonjiam, etc. that particular night). Considering what a craptastic dish budae jigae is, it doesn’t really matter how good or bad Friends Forever’s version may be. After all, you can polish (or wreck) a turd.

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  • jenni j


    nice find!

  • Wilbur

    don’t forget about the 1/2 off soju deal as well!

  • TonyC


    htf did you find this place? $5.99 for soju dude. I’m going back this wknd…

  • cheap booze?? This HH doesn’t apply for the weekend does it??

  • Caroline Y.

    woohoo~! i’m famous~! thanks tony~!

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