On opening nite, there were no less than 4 bloggers who ponced on Mr. Andres’ hot mess of an ultra lounge restaurant. Evidence here:

KevinEat’s goes commando against no-photo policy and takes 49 monstrous shots
Exilekiss misses chance to make goo-goo eyes with KevinEats across the room 😉
Jo of Mylastsbite goes to town w/ her near DSLR sized Fujifilm S2000 HD
Uber hotty Food Fashionista hangs out w/ gorgeous/gorging friends on opening nite


I’m just a blogger,
Take a good look at me
Just your typical prototype

And like the majority of them above, plus a few more below, Bazaar entered my bloodstream like a 100mg pill of Viagra. It made me hard up for hot grub. B @ SLS is sexy; it’s irreverent, it’s whimsical, ostentatious; it’s baroque and yet Barcelona gastro chic (think Cinc Sentits Restaurant of Barcelona in 1 room, with the now-deceased French formal dining room of L’Orangerie adjoining nearby). The Baroquial Blanca room made me wish I was Amadeus with a pair of pushed up double-D’s in my face while I whiffed my Dutch cognac. The Rojo room made me wanna drink $5 sangioveses and gnaw on a leg of jamon Iberico while wearing white linen slacks.


There’s really no reason to discuss what went south within our selection. Even when a tapa is funkified – think of tomato topping watermelons – it still makes the tongue taste, makes your brain analyze the orchestra of ingredients. But if you are REALLY in a bind… say.. during DineLA ’09 week, during which ONLY 3 tapas may be chosen, skip the lamb loin, the rice-a-roni doppelganger of pasta paella called Rosseja, and stick to seafood. The Kumamoto oysters + King Crab listed under conservas were tastefully simple (and dare I say, BETTER than any of the seafood plats to come out of Providence’s kitchen). The lobster medallions were again, very simple, not overcooked, with a touch of paprika, just naturally sugary. Personally, veal probably would’ve been better than the lamb loin and the uni mini bao’s should’ve been eaten as a conserva, and the Japanese pears would’ve been more mind boggling than the sweet potato paper-chips.

Kumamoto conversacrab with raspberrytuna nigiri on watermelontomato and watermelonuni baos

Dining at Bazaar is like a bad high. I was strung out the whole evening, excited to the extreme early on when then edible art came, then brought tumbling down to earth when a poor dish arrived, finally finished with a heroin hit of fantasmic desserts.

The Bazaar At The SLS

The Bazaar on Urbanspoon

PS. Katherine, 4x the normal pix just for you…



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  • MyLastBite

    How did you know what camera I had that night? I’m totally perplexed and sort of embarrassed (because it’s such a chubby camera)… LOL!

  • Just clicking thru your photos and I am needing a fix now.

  • Uh Exilekiss is a guy right?!?

    Also, is that HC in the background of photo “img_3289?”

  • Mmm! Tapas! Looks like I missed out on a tasty evening 😉

  • taking some good pics man. using a new lens?

  • Katherine W

    Wow thanks, esp for all the food orgy shots!! I knew it’d be hot, and sounds like it lives up. Can’t wait to go!

  • TonyC

    MyLastBite: I flickr-stalked your photos and clicked on the EXIF info 😉

    Kev: I dunno, IS Exilekiss a guy? 🙂 and yes, that’s HC in the background

    Gastronomer: I’m sure your Tet festivities were NOT as interesting as our meal. You really did miss out, next time.

    Matt: 28mm prime. dropped the nifty fifty at a drunk wedding 🙁

    Katherine: enjoy your meal there… join us for ribs yo!

  • omg.

  • What a fun night! I’ll have to try the oysters and King Crab next time. King Crab I had awhile back at Hungry Cat rocked.

    They didn’t say anything about photos I snapped either time I was there. I think they’ve learned to live with cameras.

  • “flickr-stalked your photos” LOL. I didn’t you could get the info on flickr! Going to check it out now. Thanks.

  • Great shots of the food SinoSoul! 😉

  • Good eye Kevin!

    And ha, Tony, I can totally tell you being so stoke about this place. And you’re right, even when the dishes went South, I find myself analyzing (“GAWD! What went wrong here and died in my mouth?!”) 😉

    Hope the rest of your DineLA stuff are good eats 🙂

  • You certainly did have your highs and lows that night. It was fun to see your enthusiasm though. Nice way to celebrate Chinese New Year if I can’t get home to the family.

  • Linden

    Just came across your blog, Tony. Nice work. Bazaar’s on the list for my next splurge.

  • Danny

    Great pics Tony. I wish my pics turned out that well. The food was great, but the company was even better. Hope your ghetto BBQ event went well.

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