A North vs. South battle of fried chickens: Dinah’s (since 1963) from the North and Honey’s Kettle from the South. Dinah’s, manned by Hispanic workers, Honey’s by Compton locals.

Both has a small-ish dining room but Honey’s got bullet proof glass. Winner: Honey’s.

Honey’s, representing the South, has crust that is thicker and crunchier, as if made from say.. perhaps.. a corn starch wet batter. Dinah’s skin, representing the North, has a plainer version of dusted flour(?). Think the difference between KFC’s original recipe vs. extra crispy, except Honey’s extra crunchy skin doesn’t destroy the roof of your mouth, which is probably a bonus whether you’re eating in or munching away as you take in some PartyPoker (http://www.partypoker.com/) without worrying whether or not you’ll lose the power of speech after you’re done chowing down. Winner: Honey’s. Winner: Honey’s.

Taste: Dinah’s skin+crust has more spices than Honey’s for sure. But as far as chicken flesh itself, it’s a close DRAW. Of course this is only based on comparisons of dark meet. White meat is for… not me.

Texture/Juices/Temperature/Misc. Nota bene: both orders were sold as take-but, but were eaten at the restaurant/vicinitiesoutside bench. I am NOT taking fried chicken on a 45 min jaunt like this fella . Dinah’s a bit juicier, Honey’s pieces are hotter. Neither are Jidori/Vikon birds, OBVIOUSLY, but neither were tough old hens. But both orders apparently came from under the heat lamp as they were filled within 5 minutes of ordering. DRAW

Pix of Dinah’s, Glendale, CA:

Greasiness: by far, Honey’s greasier. An LAist article reveal that Dinah’s, at least in Glendale, uses a pressurized deep fryer, basically a generic Broaster’s fryer. pressurized deep fryer also explains Dinah’s juicier chicken. Dinah’s FTW

Condiments: You get real honey with Honey’s. You get ketchup with Dinah’s. Sweet sliced pickles are available at Honey’s in Compton for $.25. Winner by yards: Honey’s

Environs: Honey’s is in Compton. Dinah’s in Glendale. uhhh.. do i have to explain myself here? Honey’s all the effin way, even if Dinah’s has lil chicken statuettes for decorations.

Pricing: Thighs are $1.39 at Honey’s, each piece of dark meet is $1.80 @ Dinah’s. Clear winnnnnaaar: Honey’s. Blogger’s note: Dinah’s kitchen erred to my favor that day and gave me 3 pieces even tho I only ordered 2, hence making the cost of chicken $1.20/piece

Dinah's Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon Honey's Kettle on Urbanspoon

Pix of Honey’s Kettle, Compton, CA.



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  • So based on your comparison I should hit up Honey’s over Dinah’s?

  • as for Dinah’s location, while technically in Glendale proper, it’s more close to Glassell Park, Atwater Village, and Frogtown.

  • i’m bougie. i go to the west la honey’s 🙁

  • TonyC

    I like both joints, tho each has its own disagreeables.

    ronnie.. GAWD!! stop it. The Culver Honey’s is about as annoying as a West side institution can get. Just say no. let me take you on a Compton date, yo!

  • After telling my friend Emily how I liked to dip Mickey D’s chicken nuggets in honey, she recommended I try Honey’s Kettle. Any difference between the Culver and Compton locales?

  • I’m cc’ing you and I’m going to reply to youCompon’s Honey’s kettle is friendlier, chickens’ fresher, there’s no attitude from the servers and there are NO strollers and attached mothers. The pricing is also at a lower tier, and there is ample parking.

  • Margaret

    k, so we all know about the different honey’s kettle but what about dinah’s near howard hughes v. dinah’s glendale? is there a difference?

  • TonyC

    Margaret, they aren’t even operated by the same household. Tho my chow bud said the Glendale one is clearly superior. See the LAist article which I linked. Enjoy!

  • I only went to the Culver Honey’s, but the chicken was indeed amazing. They also have a tasty secret sauce for their chicken, plus their biscuits are killer.

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