Once again, a dee-licious duck was sacrificed so we may celebrate a holiday. Previously, it was a Taiwanese smoked duck for Thanksgivin‘; for Christmas, the duck went Beijing style.

And Christmas was good.

A typical Beijing – style (“style” is operative, as Duck House is really a Taiwanese restaurant) bird at both Duck House and Lu Din Gee serves 3 people. A whole duck can be done up 3 ways: stir fried duck meat w/ bean sprouts, dark meat plated with crisped skin ala what is typically presented as “Beijing Kao Ya (bbq’d duck)”, and the final method which is a nice gamey bowl of duck soup. Unfortunately, the duck 3 way runs you more than $40. If you eat nothing but duck, these 3 entrees only feed 2.

Out-of-town Taiwanesers were present, they wanted the whole spread, not just the duck. So I obliged: yamaimo with bonito salad, done up ala Chinese cold tofu, deep fried soft tofu, minced garlic white cooked fatty pork, 3 cup chicken, and the grand finale: a fancifully knifed Maui Gold pineapple – dude, what IS up what the Taiwanese obsession with pineapples?? – which had a cutting fee of $7, just like the corkage. While this was a treat by guests, it was easily a $150++ bill $200 all-in for the 3 5 of us. Duck ain’t cheap yo!

By now, you’re probably asking: WTF is a Japanese mountain yam salad doing on a Chinese resto’s menu? FYI: Taiwanese people, much like the Koreans, believe in shamans, folklores, and anything/everything that is “good for your health”. Say the world “superfood” and “organic” in the middle of the bus, and you’ll have the grandmas all hot to trot. Is the dish itself that good? Ehhhhnnnn.. The 3 cup chicken is pretty decent, but Indian’s version, at HALF the price, is equally good. Beyond the above, the most interesting dish is the minced garlic white cooked pork. Most of the Mainland Chinese restaurant in SGV likes to serve the sliced pork doused with chili oil, not Duck House. This is how the Taiwanese eats it. Almost.

Verdict: very pricey for what it is, but hey, if you like non-AYCE KBBQ, this stuff costs about the same, and is MUCH MORE INTERESTING

PS: please call in your bird 1 hour before arrival else.. NO DUCK FOR YOU!

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