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UGGGH!!! Getting schooled by a buncha old school foodie ain’t fun, but at least it was for a good cause: I found out that Jar’s Mozzarella Monday, now coming up 5 years old, is STILL ROCKIN’.

Ms. Silverton, before starting Mozza, did stints at Jar and started the Mozzarella Monday back in September of ’04, according to this Chowhound thread. While I assumed she was never physically present, a handful of Chowhounders promptly smacked me towards the truth.

Instead of peepin’ my pix, I’ll refer you to this ’07 blog post by Cafe LA LA and to this older blog post circa summer ’05. Ya see, JAR is uber dark. I mean, not Tagine dark, but definitely on par with Bar Marmont’s candescent veiled, nearly uncomfortable dark. During summers, above 2 bloggers were able to use the late setting sun to light their photos. Moi? not so much. Even with ISO cranked up to 1600 and f-stop down at 2.8, I couldn’t see jack thru the view finder. Bygones.

On towards the food: it rocked. The burratta meat ball sandwiches were indeed awesome. Better than any meat ball sub to come out of an Italian deli. What Jar does well is manipulate meat. Add on the fresh burrata and we’re in great shape. The well-portioned charcuterrie platter plated with items from Seattle’s Salumi was embellished with a ball of mozz the size of a baseball (I exaggerate). Then came a few tiles of croquetas topped with various greens and.. wait for it.. more burrata. I didn’t get to taste the eggplant with mozzarella, but it looked divine. Now if only there was burrata in the dessert menu. Perhaps a burrata panna cotta? Can I trademark that?

Thank you for the K-girl posse for humoring me that nite. 7 girls, 1 guy, 2 balls of mozzarella.

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