The worst meal of ’09.

After a month hiatus, Sika’s reopened as Face Cafe. If there was no reason to visit this place back then, there’s less of a reason to visit this place now.

Ordered 2 items 10 hours after grand opening (Jan 4th, noon) but OMFG…. that is just about the worst bowl of HK-style beef curry I’ve had in my life.

Retraction. That is indeed the worst bowl of HK-style beef curry I’ve ever had, period. Chunks of parboiled, unseasoned beef brisket twice as wide as a fork, coupled with chunks of potato stir fried in oil, all tossed into a wok and doused with a gelatinous beef gravy spiced up with curry powder. Both the undercooked brisket and the undercooked bland potatoes were not properly stewed in the curry sauce. Think bad BBQ brisket drenched in equally bad BBQ sauce.

This unfortunate dish was given the label of a “house special”. On this tragedy alone, I bet Face will fall flat (hardy har har) in a year. If I wanted actual cafeteria food preparation, I would’ve gone back to my old college dorm’s mess hall.

“Do Not Want”

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  • Slo

    Hey there! Sort of forgot to respond to the comment you made on my Captain Crab post, and ended up coming over to check out your blog and stumbled upon this entry. I am so bummed that you had a bad experience at Face Cafe! I think they’re one of the better Hong Kong style cafes in the area. Next time (if there is a next time), try just their simple Hong Kong style ham and egg sandwich. You really can’t go wrong with that. They also have pretty good porridge. Although, yeah, I guess if I wanted to just get porridge I would rather head down the street to Bacalli’s, and pick myself up half a chicken…

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