Only writing about this due to my AWESOME off-the-menu order:

Quails and lamb kebobs. Peep the pix and weep. cuz you know I can’t handle it when other peeps have more varieties on their plates. And you know I love wild(er) birds (or maybe you didn’t know, but now you do – see previous duck reviews). And you definitely know I like to make the waitress’ life miserable (which, btw, I’ll have you know, we ended up tipping 20%).

After perusing all the meaty combos (various Lulu’s, gyros, chicken/lamb/beef kebobs, etc.) a thought came to mind: I can create a mo bettah combo! Let’s start with the quail and venture far far away. BAM! Quail and lamb kebab combo was born.

But first, there were stuffed grape leaves, house made falafel w/ hummus, and tabuleh. The poopy-shaped falafel were the clear winners, tho they could’ve been fried longer for a thicker, crunchier crust. The grape leaf was non-descript, I can never get excited over these things. Tabuleh served as the perfect accoutrement to the meats that were about to arrive.

The thing about this generic M.E. / Greek / Armenian cuisine… It’s really basic. You get a plate of rice, you get a buncha meats lined next to it, you get some grilled veggies (in this case, Jalapenos? WTF?) a small whole tomato, and some grilled onions and voila. Dinner. The vegetation isn’t even salted. By Chinese standards, the dishes are elementary and beyond basic. Thank god there’s garlic paste, tzaziki, and tabouleh to save you.

With the hummus (too runny) that came w/ the falafels, I stuffed wee bits of tabouleh and formed mini tri-ingredient pitas to go with the meats. Then I tossed some pickled cabbage into my completely generic grassy salad to spice up the color/flavor. Finally, more tabouleh to go with the always-dry lamb kebabs. I don’t care how you do lamb kebabs, they always usually end up too dry for my taste. Why can’t every restaurant just sous vide lamb cubes? And then salamander that shit? I don’t get it. The visages of a neanderthal tearing at tough meat isn’t my idea of dinner fun.

Overall, this place is fun, in a very rudimentary way. Come with a big group, share apps, mix it up. Try the quail. It HAS to be the best thing no one else ate that evening; a wee bit spicy, a wee bit charred, with decent hint of salt. Very primordial. The gyros touted so highly? Cut from a pre-packed doner. Don’t even bother. At least it wasn’t shipped in from Chicago.

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    quail was that good huh?

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