The second best cue in the great Compton area.

I’ve previously pumped and shilled Bludso’s BBQ here and here, now let me hype Nate’s Home BBQ of Compton, CA. First off, don’t get the beef brisket. Second off, their telephone number listed under is WRONG. So herewith is the CORRECT telephone number (and yes, it’s on my speed dial, in case it’s Monday and Bludso’s closed): 310-763-1970

Nate’s was owned/operated by Nate’s himself until his recent death. His wife has stepped up and since become the proprietor. According to Mr. Kevin Bludso, of Bludso’s BBQ, Nate’s father was a preacher with his own church before the venture went bad and he went on to open this BBQ joint back in the day. It seems safe to assume it was called Home Bar B Que, which later became Nate’s BBQ?

The rib tips here are much fattier than what’s found at Bludso’s. They’re chunked bigger, with less cartilage and severely more bone+marrow. Some folks like it like this. D&A – which I previous reported on yelp, also of Compton, makes it a wee bit like this.

Otherwise, the racks of pork ribs are smoked in outdoor barrel smokers (as is the standard for most of Compton) with mixed wood but… Wait til you see the size of the custom built-in indoor 15 foot long, 3′ wide barrel smoker. The top lid is so heavy it requires a counter-weighed pulley system to keep open. No shit. And yes, on a rare occassion, it’s still used.

The sauce here, reminds me of.. again, Bludso’s… Smooth, not too tangy, barely a hint of hotness, plenty of spices. It utilizes more corn syrup hence sticks a bit better on the meat, but no mater. Always sauce on the side for me. Tasted this way, the rib flesh nearly fall of the bone, have plenty of salt & pepper, plenty of smoke, shallow ring of deep-pink smoke ring, but lack the overall complexity of Bludso’s prep.

There is, much like all the BBQ shacks, no indoor seating. The restaurant’s lay-out is completely off with 2/3 of the old dining room fenced off by drapes and older smoking barrels lined up against the wall rendering the entire dining room table less. The smokers are 20 yards away in the middle of the parking lot against the fence and if you’re lucky, there will be 2 women manning the station pulling multiple duties from working the register to chopping the ribs to running the smokers outside.

Finally point, and this saddens me… prices are steep for all the smoked product, tho on Christmas Eve, throngs of Black folks came to pickup their smoked turkey. That is a testament to Nate’s Home BBQ’s reputation in the community. Remember: bring your own baking tray if you want your birds smoked here. Me? I still prefer duck.

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