Let’s do this. Caveat: you won’t find me at ANY of the locales below but.. some are panicking, many are still broke-ass..

Let’s go from the least affordable to the ultimate bargain Valentine’s.

5. Campanile
$45 per person. not bad.


4. BLVD 16
$85 per couple. not bad but.. not doing much better than Campanile.

BLVD16 banner

Chef Simon Dolinky plates up “his and hers” themed delights at Blvd 16 this Valentine’s Day. Each course has two options (one for each sex), and although it’s not required that you eat according to your gender affiliation, it’s good to be a girl this Valentine’s day–you get tried-and-true delights like frisse salad, grilled lobster or a chocolate hazelnut terrine. The cost is $85 per couple, and $125 with wine pairings.


3. Burger Talk @ the LA Public Library

culinary bear?

Free. Not romantic. But FREE. And for foodies. Perfect if you’ll be hanging out with Ms. Michigan later in the evening.


2. Cube Marketplace’s 40% off sale!
The best part? cheap nibbles. Toss in a roofie into the wine glass in hand and there’s no more need to feed. Yah-yers!

Cube 40% off sale!


1. Pitfire Pizza Company

$40 for 2. Including Wine.

Current Restaurant.com Promo: 60% Off + $15 FTD reward with every order. Use code TREAT and pay $4 thru 2/15/09.. Restaurant.com has $25 coupon off of $35 coupon at Pitfire (all locations, but obviously, DTLA is where Cubic will be) for $10. With 60% off code, the coupon is… $4. $40-$25+4 = $19 V-day dinner for 2. Winner!

And yes, they take coupons on VALENTINE’S DAY. Proof is in the pudding.

Click for previous Pitfire Pizza post. It ain’t a bad pizza, but it’s a great meal for $20.



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  • hh at pitfire is even cheaper. check my post.

  • please tell me ur not seriously taking hayon there.

  • i need a sugardaddy. take hayon to stinky tofu and wontons instead.

  • We made reservation at Campanile a month ago after seeing the price. Now I have the crazy idea of having TWO Valentine’s dinner after seeing your post. Campanile then Pitfire? I mean $19?! (I wonder if I can get that meal for “to go”… haha…)

  • What? no Hometown Buffet? 😉

  • TonyC

    HC.. you KIDDER. and Pitfire Pizza doesn’t DO happy hours on the weekends. 2/14/09 is Saturday, which is.. I think… the “weekend”.

  • Kathy L

    You are amazing.

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